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Brussels Griffon

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Grooming Packages

We offer four different grooming packages. The packages range from minimal work to a tremendous amount of work. Each is priced according to breed, size, and temperament.

Bath & Brush

Includes: nail trim and file, ear cleaning and plucking, hydro-massaging bath, silky conditioner, hand fluff drying, 15 minutes of brushing, and finishing cologne.


Full Service

Includes: Bath & Brush package as well as a face, feet, and sanitary trim.



Includes: Bath & Brush package as well as an all-over haircut. Breed-specific and custom styles are available.


Premium Bath & Brush

Includes: Bath & Brush package and different techniques. Before the bath, we blow out the coat with the high velocity dryer. Next follows the hydro massaging bath in conjunction with brushing. Then the conditioner is worked into the coat. Before it is rinsed, we take the high velocity dryer and blow out the coat a second time. After that we rinse and dry with the high velocity dryer. Finally, we brush your pet with various tools up to 45 minutes.


Splash & Dash for DogsĀ 

Unlimited bath and brush membership program. CLICK HERE for details

Add-on Services

We offer various services that compliment grooming packages.

Mud Wrap

For pets that require extra healing, soothing, and/or oil removal. We work the treatment into the coat and skin. Then the pet is tightly wrapped in fluffy towels and allowed to relax for 10 minutes. Lastly, we rinse the treatment and apply conditioner.


Hot Oil Treatment

Also known as a moisturizing treatment, this service is great for dry, damaged, dull, or brittle coats. It involves the same process and techniques as the Mud Wrap while using a different treatment solution.


Flea Bath

We use naturally derived, pesticide-free flea shampoo.


DeShed Treatment

The use of our DE shedding shampoo and conditioner with any package.


Simply Soothing

A special, soothing medicated bath for your pet.


Blueberry Facial

Treat your dog to an antioxidant-rich facial scrub!


Feather Extensions

Add a splash of color and express your pet’s personality with the addition of a feather extension!



Walk-in Services

The following services do not require an appointment.

Nail Trim


Nail Grinding

Nails are cut and filed. Filing will allow us to get the nails as short as possible and help to push back the vein inside the nail. Consistent filings will cause the vein to recede. When the vein recedes, we can get the nails even shorter.


Nail Trim and Ear Care

Nail trim, ears cleaned and plucked.


Nails and Ears Deluxe

Nails are trimmed and filed down. Ears are cleaned and plucked.


Feather Extensions

Add a splash of color and express your pet’s personality with the addition of a feather extension!

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